What is The Neighbourhood Plan?


The Neighbourhood Plan is all about shaping the future of our town. Each and every one of the draft policies we are proposing are based on months of research, evidence gathering and consultation. Before submitting our plan proposal to the Local Planning Authority, we must bring it to the attention of people who live, work or carry business in the neighbourhood area.



What is Regulation 14 Consultation?


The Neighbourhood Plan Regulation 14 Consultation leaflet explains the details of the proposals for the Neighbourhood Plan, and where and when the draft policies may be reviewed. This questionnaire asks you to answer a question for each of the draft policies. Do you agree with each policy – yes or no? If you don’t agree, then it would help the Neighbourhood Plan group to understand why you do not agree. The Neighbourhood Plan team will evaluate all of the responses from the Regulation 14 Consultation feedback and will work with the Dorset Planning Consultant to make amendments, where appropriate to do so.



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