Community and Leisure – Draft Policy Intentions

*Please note that the content below is in its initial draft stage. The detailed content of each policy will be developed following consultation.

Community and Leisure

Key messages:

Previous community surveys have highlighted the desire to improve community and leisure facilities, including a leisure centre and swimming pool and more outdoor recreation space.  Our latest survey highlighted local concerns about healthcare and education provision.  We have spoken with the various organisations that run local services and provide the many facilities that operate locally.  There is no immediate need to plan for a new school or surgery based on projected population growth.  There is no need for a new community hall.  There is a need for an indoor fitness centre, and if opportunities do arise to improve what we have, then of course this would be welcomed.

Linking with the town centre theme, we are also providing a greater emphasis on tourism and leisure provision.  This includes making sure we have safe and attractive walking and cycling routes around the town, which crosses over with the green infrastructure theme.

Draft Policy Intentions:



Community Hall Sites Map – PDF Available here


Community Facilities Map- PDF Available here