Initial Research and Evidence

Helpful Websites and Links:

Dorset Environmental Records Centre –

Dorset Explorer –

Dorset for You – 

Dorset For You – Landscape Impact Assessment of potential housing sites at Blandford and Shaftesbury 

History of Shaftesbury –

Local Council Legislation on Town and Country Planning-

Low Carbon Dorset – Carbon Dorset

National Planning Policy Framework ––2

North Dorset District Council Development Services Handbook –

North Dorset District Council Development Services Handbook –

Resources for Neighbourhood Planning –

Statistics available for Shaftesbury –



Documents used for reference:


Aims and Evidence and policy template – 2018 SNPAC

All party parliamentary group on housing and care for older people 2016

Analysis Local plan V SF v missing  – 2018 SNPAC

Analysis Presentation – 2018 SNPAC

Appendices 1-4 Shaftesbury Melbury Abbas and Cann NP June 2017

Appendix C – settlement versus parish boundary – Shaftesbury Map NDDC

Assessment of the Market_Town The Countryside Agency

Community Action Plan – 2005

Community Infrastructure NDDC guidance notes 2003

CPRE – How to shape where you live A Guide to Neighbourhood Planning – 2013

Development on the land east of shaftesbury – NDDC 2003




DRAFT Green Infrastructure Shaftesbury NP Locked

Draft NPPF notes 180307 – NP elements-1

Draft questions for parking survey

Engagement – COMMUNITY PLANNING AND ENGAGEMENT – Community Planning Toolkit – 2014

Evidence Base referenced in the Neighbourhood Plan updated June 2018

Evidence review from SMAC 2016

Free form response analysis form the 2015 SMAC Questionnaire 

Future Development of Housing, Employment & Grey Infrastructure for Shaftesbury

Gavin Parker & Kat Salter (2017) Taking Stock of Neighbourhood Planning in England 2011–2016, Planning Practice & Research 

Green Infrastructure for Shaftesbury NP for OSG

Government schedule of policies for North Dorset – 2003

Hampshire County Council – 2018

High level framework for NP 2018

Housing numbers inc 2018

Increase employment opportunities

Increase publicly accessible open spaces and diversity of facilities

Intro page and high level community and leisure inc tourism


LGS-and-Views-Draft Shaftesbury Melbury Abbas and Cann NP-v0.2 2017

Life Expectancy by ward in DORSET (2015 boundaries) males and females 2010-2014

Local plan v local plan review v original NP analysis WHATS MISSING

Local plan v SF NP policies

LOCALIITY Housing Needs Assessment

Localism_and_neighbourhood_planning – Planning Aid England 2015




NALC_Planning Guide_2017

NDDC Housing Need FINAL guidance notes

Neighbourhood planning Key Steps for 2018

Neighbourhood planning road map – Locality – 2016

Neighbourhood_planning Local Government notes – 2012 


Nick Wates – traffic report – commissioned 2005

Nomis Statistics report North Dorcset v South West v GB – 2018

-North and north East Dorset Transport Study Buro-Happold-2010

North Dorset District Council infrastructure delivery plan-2014

North Dorset District Council Meeting Housing Needs – 2015

North Dorset District wide local plan 2003 (written-statement)

North Dorset Local Plan – Policy 12 Retail, Leisure and Other Commercial Developments

North Dorset Local Plan – Policy 14 Social infrastructure

North Dorset Local Plan – Policy 18 Shaftesbury

North Dorset Local Plan – Policy 27 Retention of community facilities

North Dorset Brownfield-register-2017-12-20

North Dorset Local Plan-part-1- Parking Guidance on page 395- 402

Notes_on_Neighbourhood_Planning Local Gov Edition 20 March 2018

Opening Doors – Building for the Future (briefing pack)

Parking study map

Planning Chart Vision Down

Planning Guidance Note – Planning Obligations for the Provision of Community Infrastructure – NDDC 2011

POPULATION COMPARISON 2016-2031 North Dorset vs Shaftesbury

Population stats for North Dorset 2011 to 2018

Population versus Housing

Population versus housing trajectory 2011 – 2031

Public consultation and engagement event plan. 2018


Redefining-the-Town-Centre Map from old Neighbourhood Plan – 2016

Revised_National Planning policy Framework_2018

SB1 to SB6 from 2003 Local Plan (heritage and design)

Shaftesbury Area Action Plan 2005-2020

Shaftesbury Green Spaces Photos PP updated

Shaftesbury Historic Urban Character Area 2

Shaftesbury Melbury Abbas Cann Questionnaire – 2015

Shaftesbury Neighbourhood Plan Draft Rev 3

Shaftesbury Neighbourhood Plan Mini Survey  – 2018

Shaftesbury NP Questionairre-Analysis-first-cut-June-2015

Shaftesbury Proposed Area – NDDC Map

Shaftesbury Scope

Shaftesbury Task Force – View-of-the-Hill – the Shaftesbury Area

Shaftesbury Town Centre Working Party Report-Feb-2016

Shaftesbury Traffic Analysis

Shaftesbury Traffic Analysis Schedule



SNPG_Objectives_June 2016

Sophia de Sousa and  Summary of Conference Call

The Neighbourhood Plan for Shaftesbury, Melbury Abbas and Cann 2017-2030 DRAFT

The North Dorset whole plan viability and cil study – 2015

The Richard Parker Consultancy Shaftesbury – parking report June 2004

TheNorth Dorset Whole Plan-viability and cil study Housing 2015

Town Centre _SE draft

Town Centre Group notes

Town parking map

Town Plan theme Matrix



Traffic Study Data – SNPAC 2018

Traffic study potential areas

Traffic Survey Analysis with Map – SNPAC 2018


Ward profile deprivation rank Snip – 2018

What_skills_might_you_need – Planning Aid

Writing-planning-policies-Locality 2014


Hard Copies are available to view in office of the following documents:

Shaftesbury Town Profile- Dorset Country Towns Renaissance- 2002

Notes on Local Green Spaces by Local Landscape Architect