Green Infrastructure Evidence, Resources and Maps

Websites and Useful Links:

Dorset Environmental Records Centre –

Dorset For You – Landscape Impact Assessment of potential housing sites at Blandford and Shaftesbury 

Low Carbon Dorset- Low Carbon Dorset

National Planning Policy Framework ––2

Dorset for You – 

Dorset Explorer –

History of Shaftesbury –

Local Government proposals for greener environments –



Shaftesbury SEA determination

Assessment of the Market_Town The Countryside Agencyn


SB1 to SB6 from 2003 Local Plan (heritage and design)

Shaftesbury Green Spaces Photos PP updated

DRAFT Green Infrastructure Shaftesbury NP Locked

GI for SNP for OSG

Increase publicly accessible open spaces and diversity of facilities

Shaftesbury Strategic Environmental Assessment


Hard Copies are available to view in office of the following documents:

Notes on Local Green Spaces by Local Landscape Architect


Maps – Please note that the Shaftesbury Town Council maps are still in DRAFT form.

Green Infrastructure Map all Layers