Town Centre – Draft Policy Intentions

*Please note that the content below is in its initial draft stage. The detailed content of each policy will be developed following consultation.

Town Centre

Key messages:

Shaftesbury has some powerful advantages that set our town centre apart: the unique hilltop location with the iconic views from Gold Hill; its historic and picturesque character; and the range of its independent shops.  It is holding up reasonably well compared to other towns.

However, if our town centre is to continue to thrive, it will need to adapt and make the most of its assets to create a distinct and compelling offer.  Enhancing the leisure offer is one area where the town could be stronger.

Surveys of public opinion carried out as part of the Neighbourhood Plan process have also highlighted concerns with traffic congestion and parking.   Although the Neighbourhood Plan cannot solve traffic problems, we do cover parking and will be recommending projects that could help.


Draft Policy Intentions:



Town Centre Boundary Map -PDF Available here

Town Centre Principle Review Map -PDF Available here